Dit is de winnaar van de ’15 Seconds Horror Film Challenge 2017′ (video)

We kunnen genoeg horrorscenario’s bedenken van slechts 15 seconden. Uw belastingbrief openen, uw schoonmoeder naakt betrappen,…

Maar onderstaande regisseur wist met zijn verhaallijntje een prijs in de wacht te slepen. De 15 Seconds Horror Film Challenge is namelijk een wedstrijd waarbij het de uitdaging is om binnen vijftien seconden een zo spannend mogelijk verhaal te vertellen. 

Daniel Limmer stak met zijn filmpje Emma boven al de rest uit volgens de jury. Als u 1.230 seconden van uw leven kan missen, kan u hier beneden alle inzendingen bekijken en zelf oordelen of de jury juist heeft gekozen.

Season 3 Finale (2017) | 15secondhorror.ca

CONGRATS EVERYONE who participated in our third annual 15 Second Horror Film Challenge 🎃 🎄 After 300 entries, 81 were voted by our 30 official (2017) judges! It's been a pleasure programming for you this year. THANK YOU to all of our judges who enthusiastically donated their time. TO OUR NEIGHBORS, whether your film(s) were voted for or not, THE TRUE SPIRIT of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is for your family and friends to come together and create something more than just a movie for a competition: to create memories for you to look back on one day. And whether or not you celebrate Christmas, wherever you are or where your journey takes you, I hope you’re surrounded by good company this holiday season, have a happy new year, and know that you're always welcome to scare us in 15 seconds!NOW ACCEPTING entries for our fourth annual season anytime from anywhere around the world for FREE through http://15secondhorror.ca until October 15th 2018 11:59pm EST.15 Second Horror Film Challenge (founded & produced by Andrew JD Robinson) is a nonprofit international filmmaking contest in which celebrity judges decide the top fifteen second horror films and conventions screen our greatest hits before their audiences worldwide!Watch the whole Season 3 (2017) program at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-pqpRIOkBYOfficial (2017) judgesLloyd Kaufman (Troma)Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser)Barbie Wilde (Hellbound: Hellraiser II)Simon Bamford (Hellraiser)Bonnie Aarons (The Conjuring 2)Amanda Wyss (A Nightmare on Elm Street)Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4)Amy Steel (Friday the 13th Part 2)Geretta Geretta (Demons)Barbara Magnolfi (Suspiria)William Butler (Night of the Living Dead 1990)Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell)Cindy Hinds (The Brood)Mark Torgl (The Toxic Avenger)Tiffany Shepis (Tromeo & Juliet)Will Keenan (Terror Firmer)Jackey Raye Neyman (Manos: The Hands of Fate)Alan Bagh (Birdemic)Najarra Townsend (Contracted)Hannah Fierman (V/H/S)Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes)Laurence R. Harvey (Human Centipede 2 & 3)Jill Sixx (Call Girl, The Stylist)Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Mania)Ellie Church (Frankenstein Created Bikers)Jennilee Murray (Smash Cut)Kevin Martin (Straight to Video: A B-Movie Odyssey)Crypticon SeattleShock StockBloodbath & Beyond* Additional judges were advertised but they unfortunately were unable to complete the judging process within the window given. Hopefully next year <3Tiebreaker (2017) judgesLestat Horrorhttp://facebook.com/LestatHorrorhttp://lestat-horror.co.ukMaura Stephenshttp://facebook.com/maurastephensofficialhttp://instagram.com/maurastephenshttp://instagram.com/brutewaltzJennilee Murrayhttp://facebook.com/Jennilee-Murray-IllustratorWriterActor-…http://jennileemurray.caIndie Horror Onlinehttp://facebook.com/indiehorroronlinehttp://indiehorroronline.blogspot.ca/p/home.htmlMalvolia: Queen of Screamshttp://facebook.com/queenmalvoliahttp://twitter.com/queenmalvoliahttp://instagram.com/queenmalvoliaMusic by Tyler Matthews2017

Geplaatst door 15 Second Horror Film Challenge op vrijdag 22 december 2017


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